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I wish I could say I was surprised.  The OC really knows how to pick em!

Do A Good Deed Today!

The Good The Bad

Today is Election Day in California and Orange County voters have the chance to send a vile, oath violating, power abusing judge out of office.  Do your part, vote Karen Schatzle for Superior Court Judge No. 48, because it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truth

The Good The Bad

The California Primary Election is less than a week away and Orange County voters have the chance to ensure an oath violating, power abusing pervert does not retain a seat on the Superior Court along with the nearly $200,000 a year in pay and benefits that accompany it.  The dishonorable Scott Steiner you may recall was literally and figuratively caught with his pants down after pressuring his law students for sex and then lobbying his old boss, Tony Rackauk-ass’s office to influence internships for his conquests with the Orange County District Attorney’s office.  His dishonor lost his cush teaching job at the Orange’s own prestigious Chapman College Law School, and was officially censored by the California Commission on Judicial Performance, but retained his seat on the Orange County Superior Court.

His dishonor’s is opposed by Orange County Deputy District Attorney Karen Schatzle, a 24 year veteran of the DA’s Office.  Schatzle remarkably obtained the endorsement and support of the OC GOP, which typically never saw a corrupt incumbent they would not support.  However, she does not have the backing of her boss, our corrupt DA who, laughably, STILL thinks a deranged, manipulative scumbag like Steiner is the better choice claiming in an OC Ragister article that “he protects victim’s rights”.  My guess is that does not include victims of his own, but with Rackauk-ass, one never really knows.

Fortunately it’s not up to Rackauck-ass, it’s up to us.  I know this, Schatzle, despite every attempt by scumbags like Rackauck-ass to smear her, DID NOT violate her oath of office, DID NOT take advantage of interns assigned to her WHILE ON DUTY AND IN CHAMBERS, and DID NOT attempt to use the influence of her office improperly.  Only The dishonorable Scott Steiner did that.  That’s why it’s time to vote for Karen Schatzle for Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 48, because it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

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From Hero To Zero (Stars)


The California Judge Voter Guide gets it right giving Orange County’s disgraced, pervert judge, the dishonorable Scott Steiner ZERO stars.


Don’t forget to vote on June 7th because it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

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Will Wonders Never Cease?

A Lightning striking

Astoundingly, not only did the OC GOP NOT endorse the dishonorable Scott Steiner for re-election to the Orange County Superior Court, but they actually endorsed his opponent, Karen Lee Schatzle.

This action speaks volumes because the OC Republican Party very rarely endorses a non-incumbent, especially one tied so closely to the party as is the case with one Scott Steiner.  You’ll recall that our resident pervert judge is very close to the embattled District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, who saved him from indictment not once, but twice! He has had the support of Rackauckas’ and former, disgraced Sheriff, turned convict Mike Carona’s spokes hole, Mike “Baghdad Bob” Schroeder, who has never seen a corrupt pervert in public office that he did not champion, and of course the disturbed judge is the son of OC GOP stalwart William Steiner, who is doing all he can to ensure his son holds onto his nearly $200,000 a year, gravy train, government job.

This can’t bode well for his dishonor, however he still has an advantage given that he is the incumbent and not very many people educate themselves on judicial races to the degree that they should.  But, it’s a step in the right direction, because it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

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The Juxtaposition of Justification…

ToMo News

Politics is driven entirely by agenda, not by what is right or wrong. People can and will rationalize anything to support their candidate in many cases, even when that candidate has proven to be unfit to hold the office. The case of one dishonorable Scott Steiner is just the latest tarnished example of it here in the OC.

Imagine any voter being presented with the following set of facts as a hypothetical scenario:

You have an elected judge who is also a law professor at a local college.

The judge coerced sex from his students in exchange for using the influence of his office to lobby for internships for his victims, with his former employer, the District Attorney’s Office.

The judge had sex with his victims in chambers, while court was not in session, however, while on duty, and in service as a judge.

The judge knowingly refused to recuse himself from cases involving person(s) he had personal relationships with.

Question: Would you vote to re-elect this judge to office for another 6 year term?

Answer: Of course not!

Why? Because it’s just plain common sense. You just simply would not entrust someone who abused the authority of their office, took advantage of people he or she had power and authority over and who violated his or her oath of office with more time in a public office they have already abused.

Politics as they say, makes strange bedfellows. Sadly, people by and large don’t vote for candidates because of their judgement, values or integrity. They vote for them based upon their own political agenda.

In the case of our errant judge Scott Steiner, Defense attorneys, even ones who despise him, will support and vote for him because they fear the professional repercussions of opposing him. Incumbent politicians support him simply because he is an incumbent. Women’s groups and law enforcement associations support him because he is an incumbent, even if his admitted actions are contrary to what they claim to believe in.

Any one with ordinary judgement, values and integrity would not support this hypothetical judge for re-election. It’s the underlying personal agenda that allows people to justify supporting him, even when they know it’s wrong.

If Steiner was a privates attorney who had an affair with his own personal staff members, no one would care. But, He is a public official who we are supposed to rely on for his judgment, values and integrity, which are SUPPOSED to reflect our own. If we re-elect Scott Steiner, we get exactly what we deserve.


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Hath Hell Frozen Over?

Pervert 1

I was SOOOOO looking forward to next week’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting where none other than the dishonorable Scott Steiner was up for the Republican Party’s official endorsement. Already an incumbent, the party endorsement would virtually ensure our pervert judge’s re-election to another 6 year term on the bench. In all likelihood, given the pathetic history of the OC GOP who never saw an incumbent pervert they wouldn’t endorse, (can you say Mike Carona?), Steiner would have gotten it.  Although, given that the corrupt, former party boss Scott Baugh is no longer at the helm, the endorsement request might have been rejected. MIGHT have been, but not likely.

What is more likely, as anyone who knows how these things work, is the deck is typically stacked and the votes are in long before the meeting ever takes place. On the night of the “vote” an effort will be made to forgo any anonymous paper ballots and former young republican geeks, turned consultant, pollster or blogger, (see Mike Schroeder, Adam Probolsky or John Fleishman respectively), would be there, clip boards out and their stern faces on, in an effort to intimidate the vote their way, making it clear they are noting who didn’t vote the “right” way.  They may even throw in an appeal from one of their career, rotisserie politicians who jump from office to office like former County Stupervisor and current State Senator John Moorlach, who laughably continued to make excuses for his pal Carona even AFTER he was a convicted felon, or a congressman in perpetuity like Dana Rohrabacher, (the modern day B-1 Bob) who would have undoubtedly thrown in his trademark gratuitous praise of the men and women of our armed services to deflect from over two decades of accomplishing nothing significant in the U.S. Congress, before making an appeal for poor Scotty’s endorsement because while he’s “not perfect”, he’s THEIR GUY!

But it seems the worm has turned and his dishonor withdrew the endorsement request given that the votes for him weren’t going to be there. Congratulations Steiner for taking a step in the right direction. Now it’s time to close the loop and follow the example of those who have gone before you, like your Daddy when he bankrupted the County, and former, disgraced Judge Ronald C. Kline, and take your name off the ballot. Because even YOU know it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

This has been a public service announcement…

Sex, Lies and Political Websites

Pervert 1

“It’s been an honor working for the people of Orange County.  I ask that you support me in my efforts to protect victim’s rights and our community”.

Yes, laughably that quote is featured prominently on the website to reelect the dishonorable Scott Steiner, in what only could be described as political fiction.  How can you claim to “protect” victims rights when you use the power of your office to create victims in the first place?  Ironically the photo prominent in the center of the page more accurately depicts the predatory judge seemingly perched on the edge of his seat like he’s ready to pounce on a young impressionable law student, eager to please in exchange for his influence in securing her an internship with his pal, the DA, (See photo above).  But wait, is that a wedding ring the serial philanderer is prominently displaying on his dishonor’s left ring finger?

Sadly, what is missing from his dishonor’s website is any mention of his despicable, very nearly criminal, but most certainly unethical behavior that should disqualify him from public office.  However in the OC, where political loyalties supersede even the most detestable behavior from our elected officials, Steiner boasts of the support he is honored to have from his old boss, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas who saved him from indictment not one, but twice!  Yes, the same Tony Rackauckas whose office is embroiled in a decades long ethics scandal costing high profile murder conviction after murder conviction to be over turned.  Some endorsement that is.  Steiner also boasts the support of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s who rarely saw an incumbent politician they wouldn’t back, and should be ashamed of themselves for backing him.  It’s not like they haven’t had any recent experience with perverts in office to draw from…

Let’s not forget the obligatory support of OC GOP rotisserie Republican’s jumping from seat to seat looking for each other’s endorsement every step of the way, including State Senators Marian Bergeson and Janet Nguyen, and OC Supervisors Lisa Bartlett, Shawn Nelson, and Michelle Steel.

It is obvious the endorsement of politicians is meaningless in determining who would best serve the community, they are only interested in their next election of next office and supporting those who will help them squire it.  That’s why we need to take it upon ourselves to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

This has been a public service announcement….

Once Bitten, Twice Sly….

Three Strikes

As the old maxim goes, “Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior”.  Enter the dishonorable judge Scott Steiner….

Only in the OC can a second generation politician escape indictment not once, but twice and still be the OC GOP establishment’s choice for re-election.  That is exactly the case with Orange County’s very own morally depraved judge, the dishonorable Scott Steiner, where three strikes only applies to common criminals, not corrupt politicians.  Once upon a time his dishonor, a mere fledgling politician, was seeking a seat on his home town city council in the city of Orange while employed at the District Attorney’s Office by day.   That is where the public got it’s first glimpse of the unethical, smarmy Scott Steiner, who was accused of using his county computer to aid in campaigning, a violation of law.  But alas, His dishonor was spared prosecution by his political mentor, none other than Orange County’s embattled District Attorney Tony Rackauckas himself, who had not only endorsed the law breaking office seeker, but who’s wife had sent his dishonor a contribution of $250.  No conflict of interest there, for sure.  I’m quite certain the feckless DA (whose office is currently losing high profile murder cases left and right for employing illegal investigation / prosecution tactics, and attempting to conceal them from the court for decades), weighed the facts thoroughly before sweeping the matter under the rug. 

His dishonor escaped prosecution AGAIN after being caught banging his law students in chambers and failing to recuse himself from cases he legally should have.   How is it this scoundrel is seeking PUBLIC OFFICE again without even the slightest uproar? Does someone who not once, but twice proven he thinks he’s above the law really deserve to sit in judgment of others?  Would you want a morally bankrupt scoundrel like him making important decisions about your future?  Has he proven to have the integrity and judgment we should demand in a public servant?  Does he really deserve to be firmly entrenched in a position of trust?  Because a two term judge is almost impossible to get out of office.  Has his behavior in office, does HIS OWN, freely admitted actions qualify him for the plush $190,000 annual salary of a Superior Court judge? 

A tiger doesn’t change his stripes and power hungry, reckless predators don’t change their ways.  They may tone things down a little until the heat is off, but if Scott Steiner is re-elected to the bench, it’s only a matter of time until he re-offends.  Like the contemptible Anthony Weiner, he won’t be able to help himself, because that’s who he is.  After all, Steiner’s despicable conduct in office occurred when he was barely halfway through his first term, so professional honor didn’t provide him with any restraint.  Being an example to others obviously meant nothing to him, while he was taking advantage of his law students.  So name one reason his dishonor should be re-elected, entrusted with power over the lives of others and a hefty salary and benefit package. Exactly, there isn’t one, it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

This had been a public service announcement…

Daddy’s Dearest

Daddy's Dearest

Word on the street in the rotten OC is that his dishonor’s daddy is pulling out all the stops behind the scenes to keep the OC GOP sheeple backing his perverted, office abusing, predatory son.  Steiner’s father, William Steiner is no stranger to controversy himself. A longtime local politician and one of the former members of the Board of Supervisors responsible for causing Orange County’s nationally embarrassing bankruptcy in the mid 1990’s, by failing to oversee county investments which were made faster and looser than his son’s law students. The matter cost the County, and thus, the tax payer, in excess of $1.5 B-I-L-L-I-O-N dollars. That doesn’t even take into account the thousands of dollars we paid to DEFEND him.  Ironically, the senior Steiner portrays himself as a “children’s advocate”, but that either means for his own children or that law students don’t count!

Pop Steiner and his accomplices faced misconduct and conflict of interest charges which were eventually dismissed, and Pop’s was the subject of a recall effort which failed, but at last he did right thing and did not run for reelection.  As part of his justification for sparing us a re-election bid, Pop’s bemoaned, “I just hate coming to work, the pressure”.  Forgive me for failing to empathize with him given that the pressure he experienced allowed him to keep his pants on, unlike the victims of his son!  So why is Pop’s Steiner, who was ultimately shamed into doing the right thing, and save the County further embarrassment by leaving office, pushing so hard to keep the seed of his loin on the bench? Could it be that he knows damned well his dishonor, who spent his career as a government hack doesn’t have what it takes to hang a shingle and make near as much as his cushy $189,000 a year job as a Superior Court Judge?  Too bad! Public office is a public trust. One that requires ethical and honorable conduct. Conduct quite contrary to that displayed by Scotty “Skin Flick” Steiner. It would be justice to see his dishonor out scrapping for a buck like the criminal defense attorney’s he’s been bullying from the bench, before the real Scott Steiner was exposed to the public. Pop’s dishonorable son, who has also escaped misconduct and conflict of interest charges while further embarrassing the OC and the “good” Steiner name, should take Pop’s lead and not seek reelection. He won’t though, and that’s why it’s time to STOP SCOTT STEINER!

This has been a public service announcement…

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